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Congratulations on you engagement! 

Valerie and I have been very happily married forever.:) We have three boys that we revolve our lives around and couldn't be happier. We are very fortunate in our family. We enjoy cycling, going to parks, and hanging out on the beaches in the summer. At least that is what we like to do when we can get the kids removed from their devices and minecraft.

It is always a privilege to be apart of a wedding day. I find wedding days to be a bit like a weather pattern. You know it's coming, but you have no idea what it will really end up being until it has past. That is the best part of photographing weddings for me. I get to see the day unfold and show you all the moments that you will remember for a lifetime. And even showing you moments that you didn't even know had happened. From the details, to the portraits, to the family moments, we would love to spend your wedding day with you and create beautiful images for you and your family to enjoy for generations.

Val and Andy